Sunday, February 20, 2011

Double Duty

Today's Out fit of the day is combining two lesser ones that I was thrilled with on a whole but in pieces I liked them.  Also I have a surprising amount of blog's backed up to post which I never thought would happen in my blogging repertoire!  You can look forward to my takes on the New York Fashion Week that is coming to a close, a tutorial on making a pencil case from a Japanese coin purse frame, and review of a lovely Dimsum restaurant!  I'd also very much like to jump back into my craft and sewing book reviews.

Nothing beats the cold like a Huge Over-sized Infinity Scarf.
A lot of people ask me if I made it myself but in truth I did not.  It was cheaper to buy the scarf then it would of been for the materials to make it.  It does have a very simple ribbing stitch to follow so perhaps in years from now when it is work down I will re-make it for myself. 

Oversized Grey Infinity Scary - UO
Black Wool Bomber Jacket - Express (last year)
High-waisted khaki suspender Shorts - Tiger Tree
Dark Brown Capri Leggings - Express
Over the Knee Brown leather boots - Miss Sixty for Victoria's Secret Catalog

For my Second OTD I didn't like my full body photos at all so I am just keeping to the details.
Boot's are knee high from Nike that I got randomly at DSW by Polaris last winter. I like that they have little pom pom's at the end of the string, and I am sporting them with some super warm and un-sexy thermal leggings.

This is a detail shot of the print on my skirt.  I'm always amazed by how the little things come together to make a much bigger and more interesting pattern.  They are just such quirky little figures that I'd like to draw them up to scale someday and perhaps embroider them onto something else.

A very Alice necklace that was a present from one of my favorite friends in NYC, Juyon.  She's like a sister I never had and she has always spoiled me whenever I see her.  but this silly necklace was from Top Shop New York City.  Interestingly on etsy recently I found a vendor that is selling that exact same rabbit!

My baby G Pink Square watch that I wear nearly every day.
Yup...... that's about all for this time.  It is really hard to take photos of yourself everyday unless you really love yourself and I'm just not really there anymore.  It's a weird visual struggle for me being so short and having over the past 3 years gained a lot of weight for unexplained reasons except possibly aging metabolism and ticking time bomb of baby making.  I guess the biggest thing is not being a crazy narcissistic but being fearless in taking the pictures and then fearless in posting them as well.  Also someday you think you have a great outfit and then you look again in the mirror when you get back from work and thing "what the F*** was I thinking, did I get dressed in the dark?"

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