Friday, February 18, 2011

NYFW - just a taste

A small line up of things that I adored while catching up on shows I missed this weekend.  I honestly feel like I have seen more and been able to pay better attention to what is going on with the shows not being there then if I was there.  Watching all the twitter, Facebook and live streaming I can bounce around easily, unlike if I was there I would be making a mad dash from cab to venue almost every single time.  Also thankfully no show starts on time so I don't feel like I am wasting my time.  While all of them in New York are bustling around and sitting in those hard seats waiting for something that will take less then the time they waited, I can continue to work on my blog eat my lunch and be at leisure.

Now onto my unsolicited opinions of some select pieces.  Keep in mind I'm only showing you what I like because there was just far too much "meh" that I didn't want to re-post not to mention I try to keep on the positive side of blogging and not tear people down.

Let's start with Zang Toi.  The Styling was wonderful,  I like that they kept the hair up and not in a traditional boring way.  It was funky yet appropriate and still classy to suit the style.  This first look I think is the perfect fall silhouette, slim with movement from a long jacket and well fitting tweed pants.

This is a great High-waist skirt look and you can't see from this picture but it looks like it has some extra fabric drape to the back to make almost a cape to the skirt itself.

Next is Y-3
I like the way this jacket is long but buttons up short in the front creating these folds.

This simple outfit looks both comfy and the with a zest of color that isn't annoying at all.  Usually I'm against a red and blue pattern but the vibrant red against this muted slate blue give a good vibe.  I also really like the idea of partial pants coming back with a short skirt.  Reminds me of a little Japanese street style.

The offset geometric shapes in this dress are what caught my eye, I'm sure it is a pain of a pattern which is why I really dig this.  I've been very drawn to dress with large cowl collars in fabric for some reason.

Here are a few from Jason Wu
How could you not love the airy lace that they used in the styling in this show?  The distressed lace ruffle for the collar is nothing new but it does fit nicely with this halter dress.

This clean look is something I hope to see more and more of around because I adore wearing ties and I'm going to start adding bow-ties into my repertoire.  I like how this look has the selective floral pattern on it to give it a slightly girly feel but not to break up the seriousness of the top.  This is something I would wear when I meant to be professional with a flair.  Most likely I would wear some killer peach patent pumps to help pull the colors of the skirt flowers.

This is Jad Gandour
Give me a puffy mutton sleeve any day.  I know it's so tiring to really be in love with one type of sleeve but look how fun it is to see it in different variations and different fabrics and different well you get the point. I love it so I'm happy to see it anywhere and everywhere.

This dress had so many good things about it.  It looks like a combination of silk organza and silk chiffon which I of course can get behind.  Simple black palette and almost conservative top fitted with a mini-mini skirt that looks like it has some layered volumes.  The sleeves on this piece are something I've been eyeballing on a few dresses on Modcloth just the other day

To end this post we have Custo Barcelona
At first I really hated this and then for some odd reason it has grown on me.  I think it has just the right weird and quirk to keep me interested.  Maybe it's because I'm pattern obsessed and I can see that this is at  least 16 pieces depending if there is a center back seam or not.  If this were an monochrome dress in a black or navy I would probably want to own it for the shape alone.

This was a just a cute styling idea that I've taken a fancy to which is wearing non-winter appropriate clothes over tight body suits with mock turtle necks fully covering the skin with warmth.  This drapey little Grecian number would be a cute addition to a general wardrobe.  I like how uneven it is with one side slightly lower then the other side of the drape.

Lastly who can't love adding on a skirted belt accessory onto everything to make a little flirty and girly.  I've had something similar to this forever and sell it on my etsy shop

You can expect many more posts such as this coming up in the next week or two as I catch up on it all.  I don't usually like to do a lot of fashion posts but I feel like this year it's something I need to do. I'm also going to do my best to follow the upcoming London Fashion Week which is my real cup of tea!

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