Friday, February 11, 2011

Jeremy Laing

There was just something about this Collection as I watched it that struck me.  I fell in love with all the draped silhouettes of course and the simplistic color palette.  The details of the fabrics were also what stood out to me.  It reminded me a bit of Gary Graham whom I interned with in College.  Below are my favorites from the showing, I don't agree with all the colors but the shapes are what caught my attention.

All photos from NOWFASHION
Over-sized wide leg pants, reminds me how one would describe Riding Skirts from The Wheel of Time put into reality.   The soft fabric and precise pleats really set this off the simple waistband and no belt loops.

Hello Irregular shapes and draping!  I can only imagine what kind of fantastic pattern is used for make this beauty come to life.

The choice of this fabric I feel was monumental to this collection it kept the colors and the print of the moon surface together with the more refined pieces.

I am in love with this idea of the long see thru flowly skirts.  I plan to making some for myself this spring/summer.  The balance between the plain solid knit and the printed flowing skirt works surprisingly well.

Bleh for the colors but Yah for the layers!

This Coat was jsut simple and divine.  I could easily see it being used for an evening out to a black tie event or carelessly thrown on with some skinny jeans going to get coffee.

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