Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Comfort in the Skirts - OTD

For some reason this winter I haven't been wearing skirts so much.  I decided to try and turn this around and get back to some comfort.  I love how skits are just like swathes of fabric and when I am lounging on the couch I feel more like I have another blanket on me rather then clothing.

Brown Turtle neck - Victoria's Secert
Fairisle Tunic Sweater - Tulle from Tiger Tree
Brown Ruffle skirt - H&M
Lace Knee High Socks - Anthropologie
Brown Suede Slouch boots - Steve Madden

This tiny delicate necklace was a Valentine's present from my Fiancee a few years ago.  It is a tiny diamond necklace by Adina.  I wear it almost everyday because it's not very intrusive and it just holds a lot of sentiment. 

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