Friday, February 25, 2011

Pecha Kucha

It's nothing new but it's fun and you might have it in your area too!

It started in Japan according to the all knowing Wikipedia, it means to "chit-chat"
To put it shortly you have several presenter's allowed 20secs for 20 slides to talk about almost anything.  Typical topics are inspirations, what their business is and how it helps the community and life changing moments to share with the world.  For locals you can see all the going on here.  If you don't live in Columbus, Ohio no worries, there is probably a spot close to you as well which you can look up on their main website, Pecha Kucha.

This particular one I went to several weeks ago was at the Columbus Museum of Art.  It was packed, I am short, thus I had to review half of the night through the glass ceiling reflection. you can see how crazy full it was.  Thankfully people shifted and after the intermission my friend Claire and I were able to sneak to the front and see some of the presentations we were waiting for.

Here is the Video from that night! I Enjoyed them all but my favorites were Amy Turn Sharp (Little Alouette) and the Lesbian Mother Julia Applegate.  I was very happy to hear the Idea Foundry and Open Heart Art Studio because those are things I had long been wondering about.  Hearing them talk about their concepts and goals made it so much more clear to me as what they are and what they are doing in Columbus with the arts.


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