Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amy Butler

Randomly I got to meet Amy Butler at a Sew to Speak event that was rescheduled.  It was just one of those random awesome things.   I had actually forgotten about the event because I had another appointment and earlier had to take my fatty kitties to the vet who just confirmed they were fatty kitties.  With my other appointment canceled I figured I would have a great open night to spend working on my wedding dress.  Then magically I remembered that Amy Butler would be at Sew to Speak and I still had an hour to possibly meet her.  I had missed her previously when she spoke at CCAD.   If you have no idea what I am talking about she is a pattern designer and seamstress who lives in Granville, Ohio but is known worldwide for her unique fabric prints and colors. 

Anyways it was PACKED at Sew to Speak and they are not a large store.  She took the time to sit and chat a little bit with every single person in line.  I think that alone is pretty amazing.  I told my friends there "If that was me I would have a power point presentation and do a Q&A session because I hate to repeat myself when people usually have the same questions over and over again".  

I was about to leave after being in the store for an hour but then I saw the line was only halfway and no one else was coming in so I continued to chat to my friends Olivia from Wholly Craft, Emily of Umbrella Girl Productions and Michelle of Baby Gee's.  Michelle was thrilled she loves Amy Butler and has met her several times.  This is the Picture we took with her.  I look a MESS!  No makeup and super tired from wrestling with the cat's at the Vet just before this.  Amy Butler is TALL, she also was very well accessorized with hints of ice on her hands.  I like how her smaller diamond bands and solitaire stones probably equated to 5 carats on just one finger yet she dressed more conservatively but fashionable like someone who appreciates Diane Von Furstenberg  (yes I am probably over identifying her because I have been watching too much NYFW)

My one honest fan question was pretty lame sounding but it was "What sewing machine do you personally sew on and what brands do you like?"  She said he used a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 but it had too many bells and whistles so she preferred her 1972 Singer ( which is of course a beast but great classic machine and well built).  She had a Janome at one point which she really liked but she gave it away to a friend and she somewhat regrets that since it was a great machine that she really liked and it was gifted to her by Janome.

Another funny fact is that an old friend of mine from high school's parent's moved to Granville and they are neighbor's with Amy butler "We live on the same Hill"

To be honest I like her fabrics and patterns but I wasn't a huge fan.  I thought they were nice but didn't quite understand the entire rave about it.  I am selective about my fabrics and even more my color choices.  But after the trunk show and meeting Amy in person I was really wowed by her how personable she was and genuine.   I also got to take a look at her new line Soul Blossoms and was happily impressed with the more complex patterns in the fabrics.  I think my favorites are from "Passion" below.

 Images of Store are from Michelle at her Baby Gees Blog
Other images from Amy butler website clipped by me.

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