Monday, February 07, 2011

Why OTD, What OTD?

If you haven't caught on or are new to the blogger trend OTD is Outfit of The Day.  I've been really into them because I feel like I wear something different everyday that is different and not typical of what you see in good ol' Columbus, Ohio.  It also gives me good fun filler to keep my Blog interesting and who knows maybe some magical day someone out there will notice me and I can get fun things to try on and blog from other designers.  I also think if you can't dress for your industry why are you in it?  I love fashion, I participate in a lot of fashion oriented photoshoots and events so I need to look reputable and come on who doesn't do a little professional google stalking? 
But..... For now it's fun!

I've been especially adamant about it because of my new spanking Camera.  If you remember a little while ago I talked a bit about how odd and hard it is to take photos of yourself.  Recently while looking up a pictures of Gala Darling's Sequined Micky Mouse Ears I came across here quick little tips for taking an outfit of the day.
The picture and post are totally unrelated, I just thought you might want to see what I was looking for.

"People often ask me how I take my own outfit photos. While it would be rad to have a photographer boyfriend like so many fashion bloggers, I don’t! (My man races motorcycles instead, which is just fine by me!) It’s no biggie though, since I’ve been doing this for about five years now.

You will need:
* One outfit you think is worth sharing
* A digital SLR camera
* A remote control for your camera
* A tripod
* Preferably a second lens
* Maybe a second pair of shoes so you can traipse around & find the right location without breaking your neck
* No shame

Once you’ve found a good spot for picture-taking, set up your tripod & camera. Look through the viewfinder, line it up & then stand in front of your camera & strike some poses. It can take time, but I always think it’s worth it. Plus, it’s really fun!"

The entire Article can be found here.

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