Thursday, February 24, 2011


Happy Thursday friends!  It's a weird day for me because typically I would be teaching tonight happily at CCAD and then celebrate my tomorrow being Friday.  Not that there is nothing to celebrate about Friday anymore but I teach my class on Wednesday nights this semester so it has thrown me a little off.  So this morning I came into work happy and relieved thinking it was Friday only to realize it is only Thursday.  But that doesn't make today any less special.

This week I am loving a myriad of randomness.

1. Twitter , yah yah nothing new but new friends all the time and conversations, banter, potential opportunities that would not of been made possible without this wonderful wonderful world wide chat room (at least that's how I like to think of it).  I am surprised and blessed by how many opportunities have come my way through this simplistic mind fart of site.  Follow me if you dare because I am all over the place from knitting, sewing, teaching, library antics and just my general piece of mind.

2. Capri Sun Juice Boxes - I think I am the only adult I know that still drinks these on a regular basis.  It is just the perfect amount of juice for me and the satisfaction from squeezing out the last sips is just a little ray of sunshine in my day. 

3. Photography stores that are not pretentious and easy to guide through.  I discovered Photojojo and I'd heard of them but never explored them till recently.  I love that they have lo-tech and high-tech items for serious and playful photographers.  The gifts for Photographers that they offer are really excellent and inventive.  A new neck strap for a camera doesn't seem like a big deal but to the shutterbug it is a well appreciated and thoughtful present.

4. I'm getting married so of course my mind is all over wedding blogs but the newly released BHLDN site by the Urban/Anthropologie family is a wondrous jewel in the sea of fluff, bad construction and unoriginal wedding dresses.  If I weren't making my own dress I would instantly snatch up one of their lovelies.  Just looking at the website has inspired me to all new adventures in crafting and wedding decorations as well. 

 5. Old Magazine Advertisements.  They simply amaze me how culture and what is "PC" have changed over the years.  I am fortunate enough to be able to touch and look through magazines that are twice my age everyday if I want.  If you are ever curious and want to gander at the fantastic collection yourself visit me at the State Library of Ohio, and these aren't even from the rare book room that we have also!  You can also check out some of my selections on Flickr.

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  1. I also loved the new Anthropologie wedding line. So gorgeous.