Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Present for a Bike Person

Andy's brother love's his bike, he has this swanky bike from a company named after a location in Lord of the Rings the "Rivendell" honestly it's called that.  Their website is Here!

Anyways it is always hard pressed to get a present for his brother because he doesn't need a lot and what he does want he usually get's for himself.  Over the years he has slowly gotten rid of and stopped collecting things, trinkets, stuff.  So it's almost the question of, "What do you get the guy who has everything/needs nothing?".

Andy being insightful as he is recognized while going on bike rides with his brother that he was complaining about how when chaining up his bike or leaning it up against poles it was rubbing on his middle frame work as below.
The solution was simple.  He needed a little cozy to go around that middle bar, something I remembered having on my dirt bike when I was little but maybe a little nicer looking.  I came up up with pattern which is a really simple as it is just rectangular piece with 1/2" foam inside of it. I just needed the measurements for the length and ideally diameter of the bar/tube/shaft (which I didn't have). 

1. I cut the fabric first into the size on the fold and giving myself 1/2" of seam allowance all around and an extra inch width to account of the foam in between. 
2. I sewed the velcro pieces on first and then I sewed up the long side of the rectangle.
3. I pressed the seam with my iron and then folded over and pressed the short sides with the seam allowance so it would be clean and easy after I stuff the foam.
4. I carefully stuffed the rectangular piece of foam inside making sure there were no wrinkles or weird bunch up then pinned it in place.  Carefully make sure I left enough clearance to sew the short sides (since they were already pressed it made it very easy to distinguish.
5. I top stitched at both short ends and while doing so pressing the foam down to keep the presser foot flat and even. You will thank yourself for putting those pins in to hold the foam in place as you do this because it could potentially move the foam around.

It of course would of been helpful to know the diameter of the pipe so I had to be creative when I re-sized it to fit the pipe properly.  Oh seam ripper you and I had some words last night.


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