Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Myth of Socks and Heels -Part Deux

Soooo remember a while ago I promised you a little experiment with the knee high socks and open toe shoe look right here?

On a not so wintry and icy day I took out a pair of perfect fitting simple black open toe platforms and paired them with some wonderfully warm and slightly thicker pair of knee high silver socks.  It was a mess. An annoying sock yanking mess.  Thank goodness my day job is easy and low stress or I might of had a fit. After only an hour in workplace my over the knee practically thigh-high (because I am so short) socks were already below my knees and making their way lower. ~ultra sad face~

If the mess of pulling up my socks constantly wasn't enough there was also the slipping, sliding and pinching of my feet.  I don't know how these people pretend that it's comfortable to walk around like this.  Perhaps it's all just impractical photo magic where they only wear it for the photo then immediately change into their more comfy and practical Adidas or Onitsuka Tiger's.
Here is very plain evidence why my day was a total pain.  The socks made the insole slippery and so my feet kept jamming my toes up and out of the open toe in a painful way.  I was afraid that it was going to actually stretch out the open toe portion and distort it so after only half a day I changed into some much more sensible flat knee black boots.  The slipping also made it uncomfortable on my arches since it was causing me to slip a good half inch forward.

This all only concludes further that even though it may look cute, it is completely impractical to wear socks of any kind with open toe shoes.  Knee high socks that constantly fall down on top of open toed shoes is like a swift kick to your gut of comfort when you were already down for the count.

If you are curious those socks are from Banana Republic and the Shoes are from H&M


  1. i can see how that would happen with a shoe sole that is smooth. but if you had heel that had maybe a suede type of sole your feet would not slide around:) cause i really want to wear thigh highs with socks..

    1. I think with a Closed toe shoe like a book it doesn't matter so much, but for open toes no matter how I tried it, for me it was a mess.

  2. aww, i think it looks super cute to wear thigh highs with heels.. maybe if the soles of the heels were not smooth but a suede type of material your feet would not slip around..