Thursday, February 10, 2011


To put a little order into my other chaotic busy life I'm going to try and narrow down my days at the blog to more specific things. For starter's I am going to participate in TiLT aka Think I Love Thursdays started by Gala Darling.

These are the things I love right now!

Sewing with Brightly Colored Thread
It just so happens that one of my sources ATLANTA THREAD is having a free shipping event this weekend!

I'm trying to be good and not buy anymore but use up what I have to decorate everything.
My favorite sources for stickers are 

Plushie Owls
I have a keen weakness for strange plushies and even better when they are collectibles so I can humor myself into thinking it's alright to buy multiples.  I got these particular darlings locally from Rivet Gallery.

Waking up to a Kitty on the bed
I wish this was everyday but she only comes to me occasionally and when she does it is nothing but pure love and adoration which makes it even more special.

Lastly for today the start of New York Fashion Week!
I'm trying to watch as many of live Show feeds as I can and this you tube Channel is a big help with that ~clicky~

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