Monday, July 20, 2009


This is a abstract top that I had done originally as a small project for myself out of some scraps and it was decent so I posted it on Etsy never intending to make a pattern or re-sale it as a multiple. Funny how things work out. Originally it was out of a creme polar fleece and meant to be just a vest to help keep my back warm in winter with maximum comfort and mobility while being layered.

Well it turned out several weeks ago I got an e.mail from a girl in Singapore who wanted this but had a million questions and demands and for something that started out as just a $20.00 trial piece turned into this huge project that left me much un-enjoyment. It was the first thing in a VERY long time that I took absolutely no pleasure in re-creating. It was for sure a test in patience and client relations no matter how little money I made of it. There was for no reason whatsoever why it should of taken 39+ e.mails to do such a simple custom order where all that was needed was a change of fabric. She continually asked the same questions and it was very hard to continue to be polite but I think I managed it well. I mean honestly she was trying to haggle the prices with me for something already super cheap and original in design. Also trying to get me to discount shipping even. People always seem to forget that shipping is not just the mailing but also what items are mailed inside. Boxes and Brown paper or bubble wrap do not grow on trees!

I feel the final product turned out better then expected and made a second just so I would hopefully never have to do this again. The pattern is made and fixed but for something that was once so fun for me it truly became a pain.

In other news the cat, Kilala has a new favorite place to sleep. Simply of course a wicker basket that we emptied out from all the fliers that we recycled this week. For the past couple days we haven't been able to use it as all as the silly creature has claimed monopoly on it.

Today I recieved a wonderful couple of packages from UPS, which Andy's mother so kindly brought inside the house for me while I was at class. So this is what it looks and feel like to be able to order all the yarns of my dreams! It was approximately $1200 worth of yarn and notions all to be used to make sweaters for the fashion show. I needed to get it very early so that I can begin knitting everything as soon as possible. I nearly have one Navy sweater done.

I made the order with one of my most favorite yarn stores online whom I had been ordering from since college so many many years.
Kaleidoscope yarns

From everywhere that I have searched aside from going whole sale I have found they carry the largest variety, speedy shipping and reasonable prices of anyone else I have looked at. I waited till they were having a free shipping day and also ordered some sale/discontinued yarns. The communication I had with Barb regarding such a large order was amazing.

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