Sunday, July 19, 2009

As promised

As Promised from yesterday here are some tester shot from the Cincinnati Photo Shoot with Adam Leigh-Manuell. It was a really good time but hot in the studio since he was using a fogger and couldn't have the air running or it would ruin the effect.

He used two models and then I was there with the wardrobe and my two interns as well. We also had this amazing makeup artist/hair stylists on set. It was a great time and made a lot of good connections. I can't wait to work together again.

Here is my outfit from yesterday.
None today because I was feeling under the weather most of the day.
- Helmut Lang white windbreaker with off center zipper
- BCBG wool knit jumpsuit
- Adidas Orginal white leather and suede yoga sneaker with dark purple stripes

Tomorrow I promise a new look of the day and some more in depth about what is going on like the crazy custom order from a girl in Singapore!

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