Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yesterday seems so far away....

CIMG3879, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

This is definitely harder then I thought it would be to take and photo and post on it everyday. Maybe this month will just force me to get used to it. I still suck at taking photos though even with a tripod. I just don't know squat about digital photography. I was decent with my all manual but that isn't really compliant with today's technology and needs.

I just gotta work on it on my own and hopefully I can make it right. Ha ha I should work on my facial expressions also.

In this Photo I was wearing a uniqlo Limited edition T-shirt dress
Express stretch capri's that I had to alter 3"
toki Doki I LOVE LA watch
Gold Chinese Laundry T-strap sandals

The sewing has been productive and i have remembered how to do a zipper placket properly. I need to work on the pattern a little more as it is not as wide as I need it to be and I need the inner placket to be longer to cover the zipper entirely. Lot's of things to work on after the shoot like actually putting in pockets that are functional. I am still very unhappy with all the pressure for this shoot and how no one that is a part of it seems to understand my ideas and concepts or the fact that my designs aren't what they think they are.

I think that teaching this week is going to help clear my mind and make me remember what it is I want accomplish instead of barterinhg to other people. As an artist and designer I need to really take that stand for myself and not worry about what other people want or like. I need to be me and content with it.

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