Sunday, July 26, 2009

Like a cat!

This week I received my long awaited package from Untamed Menagerie on etsy!

It all feeds into my obsession with Alice in Wonderland in all ways. I look at the story not just for the story or the images but even just the text, the quotes, every single iota of that magical piece of literary work! Now that I have this and feel the workmanship is as good as they advertise I will definitely be ordering more from them. They have this other necklace listed
before that says "We're all Made here" I MUST have this! I'm also in love with their "A lady ought" and "Marine Antoinette" series.

Teaching has been very good. You can see what my students have been up to on my Flickr for CCAD. They really are doing a sterling job! I am quite impressed with all of their skills and dedication. I wish I had the sort of opportunity that these students are having when I was their age.

Since things have been postponed with the shoe fashion show I am free to be a part of another craft show this fall. I decided to enter into "Craftin Outlaws" a Friend assured me that I will get a spot but we shall see. I've learned never to take guesses or chances. It helps to keep down the hurt feelings when let down. I can now also focus all my attention on creating lingerie for the
Undone trunk Show at the end of August. I'm hoping for a good turn out and that I will be able to make a good buck on it. I'm so fortunate to have this opportunity even though lingerie is not my forte.

This weekend was all about relaxing. After class on Saturday I did some errands around the house, went to Qdobe with Andy and Home Depot to shop around for some miscellaneous items, then we went to his brother's to play Settler's of Catan and Finished off with FIDO at Studio 35 for a CU event. Where I got above Skull head toy. Today I woke up early went to checkout digital SLR cameras, the mall by myself to use up some free panty coupons and $15
coupon to Express. Was very good and tried on a lot of clothes but bought none of it. My only purchases from my wallet was a $5 sun hat from GAP which I have been looking for and a Bourbon Chicken Combo at the food court. I went to help my Dad out with some log-in issues
with his online banking and came home to play some Persona 3. Then topped the evening off with Ribs at the Rib fest downtown and a movie. We watched The Ugly Truth, incredibly funny for both males and females!

As for the SLR camera's I need to save up for it. It's not happening anytime soon. I have my eyes set on the Nikon d40 or the Sony A230. I've decided I can't take photos worth crap on my digital point and shoot. Too much automation just isn't working for me. When I took out my old Manuel SLR camera from high School it felt more comfortable and took better pictures with that once I got back on the horse then I have with anything digital for years!

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