Saturday, July 25, 2009

tick tock tick tock

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My little brain is in motion. I got a random e.mail today from a photographer in Milwaukee who is using a stylist from Chicago who wants to use some of my pieces in a week. I'm both flattered and worried. he got wind of me from another Make Up artist that I just recently did work with for the Adam Leigh-Manuell photo shoot. that MUA's name is Tom Venditelli.

Anyways I am worried because shipping it, the short time constraint and working on being professional. For something like this I need a contract. I also need a deposit because most likely it's my more expensive labor intensive one of a kind pieces they want to shoot. I do not like to use those unless it is a shoot I am actually on or with well trusted people in Columbus. It's always hard to judge what to price rental at, let alone a deposit, You want it to be affordable so people will use you but at the same time you have to cover your own ass for the worst case scenario.

Also today was crazy with the Students. Correction, 1 student. She just kind of disappeared and it was a bad bad thing. It wasn't that me and the TA weren't paying attention she was just sneaky and it was a bad time. Had me very worried but it was handled thankfully with no incident. Still made for a very stressful time.

Anyways onto my outfit. I am trying a different tripod Height and settings. Not to mention a little editor on flickr called Picnik.

Christian Dior butterfly drop earrings
Toki Doki I love LA Watch
Debutante ring from Henri Bendel in White stones
Gladiator grey jelly shoes from BCBG outlet for $9.00 just this past month
Navy peasant blouse from Express box sale for $10.00
Florescent green paneled bubble skirt made by me

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