Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recovering from Dime a Dog

There is a a terrible thing in Columbus, Ohio called Dime a Dog night at the local baseball stadium. You can get up to 5 hot dogs at a time for only $.50. We try to go every year. Andy attempts to eat as many as he can. Last year Andy ate 12 hot dogs, this year only 9. Above is a photo of of the last hot dogs with a funnel cake french fry on top. Andy's brother Carey finished that one off.

Today I spent in a bit of pain recovering from all the salt. Also it was a slow day with the interns. I think we were all a bit out of sorts. We had some dire mistakes like cutting an entire pattern backwards with the exception of one piece.

Etsy has been kind to me this month and I have two orders already fulfilled making it a very worthwhile. People have been complaining about the slowness of business but that is how it is everywhere. In trying to save money I have been a little more inventive with my shipping such as using old card board to make new boxes and covering in brown paper to still keep it looking clean.

Finally this is one of the sweaters I have been working on for the photo shoot. A navy combination of drop stitches and bubble lace work in a boat neck shoulder. I am going to pair it with 3/4 length sleeves.

Tomorrow I will attempt to take a daily photo of myself.

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