Saturday, July 04, 2009

10 year Class Reunion

I know this is totally out of order and but you are getting 3 posts for the past three days today.
Here is the one from yesterday!

It was my 10 year High School Reunion. Upper Arlington Class of 1999. I feel a little old but mostly content. It was a long time since high School and I am a completely different person then I was back then. I saw a lot of people that I knew but not many that I actually wanted to talk to. I would look at people to recognize them then quickly turn away because I didn't want to make eye contact and for them to talk to me. Maybe it was rude but it was just kinda weirding me out. I did get to talk to an old friend of mine that I have truly missed and reconnected. I heard a lot of people saying my name and would catch them pointing and whispering about me. Andy said it freaked people out to see him and I holding hands or smooching a little here and there. I thought that was all really weird since we have been together over 5.5 years and it's no secret that we are together. I think it was just annoying that no one actually came up to talk to me but just whispered. That just took me back to High School all over again.

Onto the outfit!

I am wearing a navy striped shirt dress designed and made by me
Black corset belt from Target
Copper Crocheted cuff with freshwater pearls made by me
Crystal drop earrings made by me
Navy blue She of London Ballet Flats.
Toki doki "I love LA" Bullet watch

My earrings if you noticed are uneven and with different sets of crystals falling down. That is sort of my signature thing is doing earrings that match but aren't exactly the same. I feel it is more playful that way. Also gives people with multiple piercings the option to wear a single earring and have something else to match on the opposite side. I was really happy with how well the shirt dress came out so I am going to be sure to make it in several styles for the fashion show. I'm always very happy when I get a good steady pattern to use as stock for others.

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