Sunday, July 19, 2009


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Oh man....... this has been tough to try and blog everyday. I'm not sure I can get that accomplished but I am still trying. I have another 2 weeks to get into the full swing of this. I've been good about taking the daily photos just not about posting them. This little gem of a photo is of my cat Kilala. For those who don't know her she has quite the personality. She was whining for treats when I took this picture.

Following are some photos from my college Preview Class.

This last one is of my Teaching assistant and Intern Teresa trying on a dress we bought to deconstruct.

Finally this picture is from my outfit from two days ago.

Armani Exchange Army green button down shirt and sleeve buckle detail

Striped Harem pants made by me

Toki Doki "I love LA" watch

Zigi Soho Watch

Octopus and Bat necklace made by me with fresh water pearls

Tomorrow I promise some test shoots from the Cincinnati photo shoot and today's Outfit plus whatever I end up wearing tomorrow.

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