Sunday, July 12, 2009

a little later

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This is my outfit from Friday. Nothing too exciting.
Urban outfitter green twist dress from several years ago
Distressed Express jeans that I cut off 6"
Bare foot
Wearing my Bat and octopus necklace made by me.

I made that necklace in celebration for expelling a bat successfully from our new house during this past winter. I think it took Andy and I half an hour to chase the bat out.

I've been very out of it lately just constantly sewing and working on this collection that I am still not entirely happy with. I'm not doing it the way I would want to. It feels like a long drawn out school assignment. There is this jacket I am working on that has changed so much because the fabric was giving me so much more trouble in the finishing then I anticipated. I can't wait till this photo shoot deadline is done so I can start to work the way that I really want to. Draping and creating from scratch instead of just pattern drafting over and over again. Taking the time to actually finish and experiment with things like welt pockets and new collars. Making vests and ties, leather work and accessories.

This Jacket has since been finished the best that I could but I think that I will for sure re-make it before the show since I am so unhappy with the results.

Today I had many good conversations and meetings. The shoe designer came by to give me a company credit card and discuss some of the clothing. A little annoyed that he couldn't tell the different between my designs and my inspiration pictures and that I don't want to remake the designs in the photos. True that nothing is new in fashion but I still do not want to knock off of someone else's designs I want to make my own mark.

At least I know I am being pulled for two different photo shoots separately from the shoe photo shoot. One is the 14th this Tuesday and the other is the 25th. I'm just praying for publication on both of them so I can have some tear sheets to add to my portfolio and hopefully get some good exposure.

I am seriously thinking more and more about getting an investor of my own but I have no idea how to even go about that at all. It's so scary and confusing especially at ground zero like I am.

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