Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kicking it to High Gear

No photos of outfits today. It was all work today. Above is a view of part of my workroom in the basement. A total mess of muslins and patternsm but very productive day. With my interns we got about 5 muslins done, a men's fitting for dress shirt and pants and started some full fabric pieces. Below is some chronicles of one of the pieces we worked on today.

Diagonal striped pants before cutting

After Cutting it was 12 pieces which converts to 24 pieces to be cut

Fabric choices were burgandy and burnt orange duponi silk

After the pants were sewn up
I have two weeks to complete the rest of the looks for the photoshoot in Miami. It really is go time for me to get this all done. I met with the shoe designer today and luckily we were able to order most of the fabrics that I need for the shoot. Also I found out what my expected budget is from him and I will be able to stay well under it which I think made him very happy. It also makes me feel much better knowing that I can order certain fabrics and not worry about the prices.

I feel I might need to take myself a little more seriously also and think about being more professional and find myself an actual investor. We shall see how that goes, I'll need some advice from close friends before I do it.

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