Sunday, July 12, 2009


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Today I was at CCAD attending the first orientation meeting for College Preview that I am teaching the elective for fashion fundamentals.

I am wearing my navy and white striped dress with oversized collar made by me
Bright Green Waist belt from BeBe on sale for $19.99
Michael Kors gold slide sandals with all wooden base and platform.
Toki Doki I LOVE LA watch (with some close up pictures)
Silver hoops from Express
Silver rose ring from "higher ground" at Comfest.

Sitting through that orientation was so fun. As boring and dumb as the information was it felt good because I was being a part of something big. I would be a mentor to some of these kids for the next month. It really took me back to my freshman year of SAIC. The dorm life all the friends and mishaps, classes, assignments. It was all so wonderful. The bad and the good it made it life and made a good 4 years of my life. I learned so much there and had so many great teachers. I hope that I can be a good example and inspire these kids to do something great at least help them to acheive their own goals be in the portfolio or even just realizing that perhaps fashion or even art school may not even be the right place for them.

As for the Photoshoots coming up........ I'm feeling pretty good I think that I will have enough pieces and I can relax a little bit. seeing that I am going to pull some old pieces just because I feel like I have been pushed too much to just accept their guidelines so this is my punch back. They are just going to have to accept whatever I send to them. With all that in mind I am starting a new sweater, maybe it will get done maybe it won't but it's not that important to me either way. I will get what I need to get done now and worry about the fashion show after the photo shoot. My main concern is the leather jacket I want for the shoot. Everything else seems to be on the back burner.

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