Saturday, July 04, 2009

Catch up July 2nd

Oh man I'm a little bad at this with the Holiday weekend hopefully it was just a fluke or this project is not going to go so well.

This is from Thursday. I was feeling a bit blah but nonetheless had interns and to teach that evening. I was doing a demo on draping and on the Pants block.

I was wearing my new She London Navy Blue Ballet flats from Substance
Army green tank dress from American Apparel
Evil eye anklet from a street vendor at Comfest 2 years ago
Screen printed tank from Urban bought on sale for $9.99
Striped long cardigan from Express
Large Green drop earrings with gold chain and citrine bezel setting made by me.

Later in the evening after classes we went to the new hot dog joint called "Dirty Franks" downtown and then the usual Grandview joint Johnnie's Glenn Ave Grill. Which put me home far too late for thought.

I did work diligently on finishing up the dress to wear to my reunion but did not get it all done.

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